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There are common myths about hypnosis two of our favourites being “only mentally weak people get Hypnotized.” and another one – “You are made helpless using Hypnosis.” We’ll cover many such myths and try to break-free from these in a scientific manner in our upcoming blog posts.

But today, we will first begin with understanding the clinically and scientifically proven benefits of Hypnosis Therapy. It is only when we start understanding the logic of hypnosis that we will get out of these myths and use Hypnotherapy to our advantage.


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In this article we will discuss 5 important benefits of Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy helps in WEIGHT LOSS:

Hypnosis and its various forms have been used from ancient times to help the person get into an altered state in order to effectuate healing. One of the prime reasons why Hypnotherapy is very effective in weight loss is because of its power in raising your awareness levels to a newer heights. Simply put, we gain weight for one formidable reason & that is eating in unawareness. The techniques used in Hypnotherapy require deeper understanding but once you get there, you’ll realize how easy it is to manage weight and reduce it for good. Unlike a gym membership where you show up twice, thrice and then quit, hypnotherapy would keep you hooked through the sessions thus giving you more opportunity to reflect into yourself and understand the root causes and deal with them until elimination.

Hypnotherapy helps QUIT SMOKING:

Let’s cut the chase here and answer this simple question: Do you want to quit smoking? Your immediate answer is Yeah! I tried, but I am not able to quit it. Let’s rephrase the question – We know you are not able to quit the smoking habit, but do you really want to quit smoking? If the answer is a bold YES, then hypnotherapy might just do the rest for you. Now it is proven in studies that more than 90% smokers actually keep away from cigarettes after taking seriously the Hypnotherapy Sessions. Letting you sit comfortably, in a relaxed state of mind, the hypnosis works like wonders onto getting your senses rewired. The International Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis have examined this area very deeply and have been able to judge the effectiveness of smoking cessation. When chain smokers remain smoke free for a period more than 6 months, that awesome right?

Hypnotherapy Reduces FEAR and PHOBIA:

To permanently defeat Phobia is a level of mind transformation that cannot be achieved with external tools. We are sure now that, fear is all but in the mind. There is no body part that can trigger fear. It is only the mind. Once we are completely sure of this, the hypnotherapy sessions to reduce fear and particular phobia work pretty smoothly. Early adoption on hypnosis therapy sessions are recommended in case of phobia because any phobia or fear induces stress which takes the problems to the next level. Even though, there are whole new sessions for Stress and anxiety reduction which we will cover in the coming days, the point is, why to get into one when you could get rid of the cause itself. To the core of Hypnosis principles lies ‘Transformation of Mind’ and thus life coaching sessions and hypnosis sessions focus highly on the correlation of Mind and the various feelings that erupt out if it from time to time. One of these feelings is Fear.

Hypnotherapy helps in PAIN MANAGEMENT:

Hypnosis reconstructs your mind liberating you from being ceaselessly mindful of the painful area in your body. By diverting your contemplations, it enables you to make the most of your life all the more easily. Like torment solution, hypnotherapy interferes with the agony messages to the cerebrum. Logically, pain is nothing but a damaged or hurt tissues and cells who demand more attention from the brain. Although the natural fighting mechanism of the body is qualified enough to cure the pain gradually, the mind worries and takes you or to say, reminds you of the pain. It does that continuously. Hypnotherapy makes you comfortable again by improving the quality of life and thinking. When you learn to shift your awareness from the unwanted to the wanted, from the painful to the joyous; consider the job done. Hypnotherapy sessions have helped many patients keeping away from medication thus reducing other risks to the body.

Hypnotherapy helps in DECREASING ANXIETY:

The incongruity is, individuals who experience the ill effects of nervousness can get on edge about searching out and accepting treatment. With Hypnotherapy, the treatment is as basic as watching and tuning in to the Decrease Anxiety session in the solace of your own home and at once appropriate for you. Tension can weaken and influence your life. There is no motivation to keep enduring or bearing this mind-boggling feeling. Nervousness can be controlled and it very well may be overseen, once you know how. You mind makes these sentiments, in this manner, your psyche can break up them. It is currently time to stop nervousness destroying your life, and to end up upbeat and free. Reclaim control of your life and figure out how to effectively control this tension and say farewell to those terrifying Panic Attacks. Hypnotherapy is definitive way if stress-free method to be stress free is something that you are searching for.

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