Benefits of Hypnotherapy


Benefits of Hypnotherapy

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BONUS - The Biggest and Untold benefit of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Happiness

I am not simply a hypnotherapist but a client, studying hypnotherapy has taught me more about myself than any other wellness treatments. I have sought out spiritual guidance as well as the basic therapist and psychiatrist. 

Direction and insight to how I work as a human being as well as my spiritual awakening has always been priority.

Hypnotherapy can assist with balance in your life.

I have always been one to take things a part only to put things back together to figure out how something or someone works. This idea is also extended to myself and with any challenge you never want to come at it with one tool such as a hammer. A hammer can’t do it all but it has the ability to do something that a screw driver cannot do. That’s how I see hypnotherapy, it’s a additional tool to add to ones own tool belt.

Happiness is not something that you go out and obtain, like purchasing a new car. The new car is a momentary emotion of happiness, it’s temporary. Happiness isn’t something that’s outside of us, it is planted and grows from the inside, then glows outward. I am sure you have heard the comment about some people that you meet have a glow or high vibrations. That’s not from a new car, that’s from inner peace and happiness.
Hypnotherapy, can assist with tapping into your subconscious to awaken your inner glow. To remind you that you are love, to help adjust your vision of how you see the world as well as yourself. We walk around every day hoping for love and miracles and we are just that, we are love.

Some wonder if hypnotherapy is like the movies, people walking around barking on command. Its absolutely not! Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation, your body and mind are relaxed and you still have control, also very aware of your surroundings. It’s interesting to see clients faces after their session, they have a look as if they are waking up from a nap. Some clients actually stretch and yawn but in actuality have not gone to sleep. Hypnotherapy is a state where you are in between sleep and awake, the perfect state to tap into your subconscious to adjust bad behaviors, fears, phobias, pain and addictions. If you think about it, that’s some powerful relaxation and the power is within us.

At Holistic Mind Guru, its all about guiding not forcing a client to see or want what we want. A client has complete control over the outcome of the session. If they are open and ready for change, that change will happen. Each session starts off with a coaching session, the coaching sessions allow the clients to come to terms with themselves on what they want to change and how they intend to do it. It’s also a time for those Aha moments when a client gets to that point of the session and answers their own questions… that’s power! When a client becomes honest with him or herself and in turn with guidance can answer the question of why, that’s empowerment.

Hypnotherapy is truly a powerful tool that all of us should have in our tool belt, to assist with stress and balance. This is my own personal opinion in addition there is science and studies that have been done to back it all up… a long list of benefits. My thoughts are this we are here on this planet for a bit on a ride of our life, so why not take interest in having extra gear to assist with making the ride go as smooth as possible.

Hypnotherapy helps you in opening up these beautiful buds in your mind. Happiness is a collective summary of solving the problems in your life. In Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions we just do that. We open your mind to possibilities.

Holistic Mind Guru is proud to offer you Hypnotherapy sessions online – Whenever you want at your comfort.

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